The Beckett Cypher The Committee – Book 2

  The Beckett Cypher The Committee – Book 2 is being edited as I write this post.  The team takes cryptography to a new level as they work to understand the Cypher, and take advantage of the secrets it will reveal.  They add two more cryptography experts, both versed in encryption and decryption, charged with identifying the secret Cypher text that will  allow decryption of the Beckett Case files.         

  Twists and turns in the plot leave the reader anxious to turn the page and stumble in to a new love story, or a development in the search for the Cypher, or the identity of members of The Committee.  As a reader, you will grow to love the canine friends added to the team in Book 2, each with their own distinct personality and entertaining traits. 

  The team will also make maximum use of resources in the country as they travel from coast to coast pursuing leads, while they attempt to stay one step ahead of drug cartels and the shadow government trying to intercept them.

  You won’t want to miss the continuing saga, as Shane, Kate, Walter, Juanita, Pete, Tasha, Heath, Hector and the rest of the cast struggle to stay alive, as they balance love, life and criminal investigation in the search for truth about the connections between drug cartels and The Committee!