The Beckett Cypher, The Committee – Book 2 nearly finalized!


As we finalize story-line changes and edits in the The Beckett Cypher, The Committee – Book 2, I am excited to tell you I am very pleased with the results.  Current events couldn’t be much more aligned with the track the second novel takes, as fiction parallels and even predicts current reality, reported in world events each day. 

 In Book 2, our characters from The Beckett Cypher, The Case – Book 1 are faced with even more demanding challenges, as they struggle to balance commitments to love, family and relationships against the strains and dangers encountered while solving The Case.  Intrigue builds as our team discovers The Committee and begins to unravel the mystery surrounding this secretive group, while avoiding detection that could bring certain destruction.   

 Love blossoms for some of our team, while heartache and tragedy loom for others.  Mystery deepens in many areas, as discovery leads to more questions and unknowns.  Our team forms unlikely alliances, proving Shakespeare’s adage that “politics makes strange bed fellows,” while we also discover that the ancient proverb, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is not always true!

 In Book 2 I also introduce 2 new canine friends, one appearance gifted to us by a family member and the other by a friend who is family, to me.  These furry friends, Sophia Maria and Jago, will tug at the strings of your heart as they entertain you with their personality and antics.  Man’s best friends are so individual, entertaining and creative that I am resisting the urge to add to their characters.  Instead, I will try to present our guest “stars” personalities just as they are, or were, in real life, to honor them and their real-life families.   

 I hope you enjoy the anticipated wait for The Beckett Cypher, The Committee – Book 2, and the subsequent read, as much as I am enjoying the creation!

Dan Holub AKA Lee Cunningham