The Beckett Cypher The Committee – Book 2 ………Coming Soon!

  Friends of Lee Cunningham Novels :  The Beckett Cypher The Committee – Book 2 is undergoing the final edit as three exciting themes were finalized! 

  First, canine guest stars are introduced in this novel, guaranteeing both smiles and tears of joy, as you read about their exploits, challenges and loves.  Next, the shadow government we constantly hear about in current news events, takes form clearly for the reader…as Hector attends training with The Committee, and begins to understand the purpose and objectives driving the power behind government.  Lastly, as new romance blooms for one of our main characters, romantic and emotional conflicts burst forth as our warrior struggles with the confusion and problems presented by loving more than one person, at the same time.  

  The pre-release feedback from first draft reviewers is that The Beckett Cypher The Committee – Book 2, ramps up the romance, drama, intrigue, and surprise twists and turns to a new exciting level, that will leave the reader wanting another chapter and anxious for Book 3.