The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 4 – The Prophet

The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 4 – The Prophet, is well on its way to the final draft, before editing. Picking up where Book 3 – The Politicians left the investigation, a shadowy criminal known as The Prophet presents a deadly new twist to Shane and his investigative team. After the damage The Beckett Cypher and team inflicted on him and his Committee, The Prophet is bent on destroying Shane, Kate, their team and their family, if he can identify them by tracking and capturing The Beckett Cypher. His devious plan has taken months to perfect.

Immediately following their dream wedding and two-week honeymoon, Shane and Kate find themselves as accidental targets in the midst of a serial killer contest. While the Prophet uses all his team’s powers to identify the Beckett team and Cypher, Shane, Kate and their team must quickly investigate and stop a serial murder contest organized to pit some of the most prolific murderers in the world against each other, as the gruesome killers compete for more than $10,000,000 in cash and other prizes.

Vastly outnumbered, the Beckett team is forced to act quickly and take dangerous risks to save scores of innocent people, even as The Prophet, the powerful cyber-foe central to The Committee, a powerful drug cartel, and the corrupt United States shadow government, uses his vast resources in an attempt to identify and capture them.

Shane and his team work tirelessly to fend off multiple threats during the investigation, eventually finding they must join with both trusted and questionable allies in order to give them a fighting chance. The action is fast-paced and riddled with twists and turns the reader will not see coming.

The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 4 – The Prophet will be released in early 2020.