The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 3 – The Politicians is scheduled for December, 2018

  The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 3 – The Politicians follows undercover operative Shane Beckett’s criminal investigation, begun in The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 1 – The Case, and continued in The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 2 – The Committee.  Shane, Kate and the rest of the cypher team encounter new threats from The Committee while they battle nefarious corrupt characters inside American’s shadow government, as well as foreign government agents intent on destroying the United States of America.

  But it isn’t until Shane’s cyber-team develops their cypher into a powerful artificial intelligence spy system, that they begin to uncover the most serious threat to human freedoms – The Politicians. Whether politicians are foreign or domestic, the Beckett team discovers they are too often motivated by greed, money, power, sex and the ongoing struggle to remain in political office. And in order to remain in office, the team learns that The Politicians make themselves seem indispensable to voter’s perceived needs, by controlling public opinion through choreographed dramatic propaganda.

  The cypher spy system discovers how government, social media, and mainstream media indoctrinate people through coordinated talking points, designed to keep Americans agitated, divided and angry. As Shane and his group fight their battles to expose the truth, they find the world is smaller than they think, as Chinese, Russian, North Korean and Iranian enemy agents work together with groups inside America to discover and capture The Beckett Cypher team, or destroy them. 

  Shane and his allies struggle to expose coordinated attacks on personal freedoms that Americans currently face, as they wind through an investigation filled with intrigue, suspense, danger, and mystery in The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 3 – The Politicians. Characters the reader has come to know, love or despise keep the reader engaged, as romance blooms for some, while it withers for others. Relationships forged through loyalty and betrayal direct the paths Shane’s team members must choose as they fight to survive, investigate, and expose evil. 

  The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 3 – The Politicians may be the most spell-binding novel in the series yet, as events and dangers track well ahead of current day news releases, leading toward the final conflict Americans will face, with Shane and his team.