Meet Lee

Lee Cunningham’s father was killed when Lee, Jr.  was just 6 months old, while his Father was  driving from Nebraska to Idaho, to reunite with Lee Jr. and his mother.  Lee eventually came to be known as “Danny,” a nickname given him by his eight aunts.  Lee’s mother relocated them to California, seeking a better career opportunity, to improve their lives.  While a struggling, working, single mother, she met and married George Holub, when Lee was 9.  Lee’s step-father adopted him when he has 12.  Lee was proud of his new father, and had his name legally changed, to Daniel Lee Holub.

Dan attended the U.S.A.F.A., C.U. Boulder, and U.C.L.A., graduating with a degree in Zoology, minoring in English.  His daring mother often ventured in to the California deserts, to help him collect rattlesnakes, for college research projects.  His father taught him to fish, hunt, camp, and love the outdoors.  Dan’s parents taught him to respect and love his country and be thankful for life.  He also always loved to write.  His first success was an essay, published while he was in college. 

In the year following college, Dan worked a drug case assisting D.E.A., and flew a Cessna 210 airplane from California to Bogota, Colombia, as an undercover pilot.  He participated in one of the largest out-of-country drug sting operations of the time, when he was just 24 years old.  Dan became enthralled with police work, was hired as a police officer, and graduated the L.A.P.D academy, as co-valedictorian.

Dan worked in law enforcement in California and Nevada for 25 years, serving in both uniform and plain clothes.  His work included assignments in patrol, a narcotics task force, a gang unit, and detective units, where he investigated thousands of cases, including homicides.  He interviewed thousands of criminals, including some in prison.  Dan served as a S.W.A.T. member and became a S.W.A.T. Commander.

Dan went on to work in Security Management at one of the world’s largest gold mines.  He and his team were responsible for protecting more than a billion dollars’ worth of gold and silver shipments annually, while providing high level security for explosives and other sensitive chemicals.   Dan trained and supervised a security team that won multiple Best-in-Security awards.

Throughout his careers, writing remained one of Dan’s passions, and he planned this collection of novels, for years.  Calling on all his training and experience, Dan now offers his first series of spellbinding fiction novels to his readers as “The Beckett Cypher” series. 

Lee now lives in Florida with his lovely wife, his multi- breed rescue dog Bentley, his King Charles Cavalier puppy and his grand-motherly Cocker Spaniel. He enjoys writing, traveling, experiencing the great outdoors, good food, family, friends and pets.

In honor of his birth Father, the Beckett Cypher novel series is being written in the pen name of Lee Cunningham.