The Beckett Cypher Series – Book 3 – The Politicians

The Beckett Sypher Series – Book 3 – The Politicians will be ready for release in a few weeks!

The politicians will keep you turning the pages as Shane, Kate, Pete, Walter and the rest of the team continue to pursue The Committee, while they battle foreign agents and corrupt politicians, all trying to capture the cypher team to exploit the cypher’s power and further their own evil political agendas. 
Love continues to grow for some couples, while other relationships suffer loss, amidst the stress and danger surrounding The Beckett Cypher. 
Canine friends develop their characters as they interact with the family, keeping you entertained, while bonds between humans and their furry companions strengthen. 
Twists and turns within the team and those aiding the team shape a plot full of surprises you never saw coming!
The book won’t disappoint Beckett Cypher fans as it takes you further into the series, and deeper inside the shadow government infecting the country!