Lee Cunningham

The past year and a half has been a fun, exciting, and occasionally painful journey, creating the Beckett Cypher series of novels.  As with any child born of a vision and passion, sometimes the journey brought bumps and unexpected turns, and a new path had to be chosen.  There were hundreds of corrections and changes.  But in the end, as with life, the result was better, stronger, and much more interesting!!  And now, holding the printed book in my hands and re-reading the final product, is like looking at the photograph of my long-imagined baby, now a full-grown adult, with a sense of accomplishment!  The first completed novel in the series, The Beckett Cypher, The Case – Book 1, was uploaded for purchase less than a month ago.  Reviews have been outstanding and the synergy for the second and third novels in the series is building!

The second novel in the series is The Beckett Cypher, The Committee – Book 2.  That journey is now coming to an end and the final product is being edited.  The Committee – Book 2 will be formatted and uploaded for purchase shortly.  This part of the saga takes Shane, Kate, Pete, Walter, Heath and all the other characters, further down the path to solve The Case, as they encounter the force behind the crimes and conspiracies of the past…The Committee.  Their journey is a difficult, dangerous and exciting ride into a modern world that is still unfolding before our very eyes, in every day news.  This world is full of corruption, crime, love, intrigue and shadow governments, initially formed through the loose affiliation we first recognized as the deep state. Current events will continue to play out through The Beckett Cypher series, in the coming novels, as our fictional characters navigate the dangers and intrigue that layer their journey. 

As a teaser to the novels yet to come, I direct your attention to Bentley, a dog in The Case – Book 1.  Bentley is my dog in real life and is pictured in the About The Author section, inside the back cover of The Case – Book 1.  Future novels will include the characters and photographs of real-life pets as they play their fictional roles in my novels.  These guest “stars” will be collected from family, friends and readers, as the series progresses.  I hope you appreciate my passion for blending fiction with reality featuring these pets, just as I have borrowed characters from my real life and projected them in to my novels, changing the names and situations to protect the innocent!

If you become a fan and wish your pet included in a novel, please contact me and send me a photograph, personality traits and your pet’s name, with a statement authorizing use of your friend’s story in a novel.  I’ll do the rest! 

My hope is that as we make this journey together, you enjoy the reading experience as much as I did writing it!


Dan Holub, AKA Lee Cunningham