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The Beckett Cypher Series collection of novels begins with Book 1 – The Case, a contemporary criminal investigation, layered with suspense, intrigue, passionate romance, crime, corruption, conspiracy, drama and shadow government. 

The Case begins when undercover operative Shane Beckett is contracted by the Carson City Sheriff to investigate a crime family syndicate, and the syndicate’s links to drug cartels and politicians.  Shane goes into deep undercover…only the Sheriff knows his true identity.  Shane is quickly swept up in two murders, as he falls deeply in love with the woman of his dreams, in the middle of the investigation. 

But just as he comes to realize that The Case is far more complex than he could have ever imagined, and he himself becomes a target for assassination, he also learns his new love and her family are far more than they first appeared.  And after he enters the depths of the underworld, Shane becomes entangled with people responsible for his parents’ murders, an unknown assassin, warring drug cartels, and a shadow government.   

Shane must quickly make complex and difficult choices as The Case introduces additional people, escalating danger, building intrigue, and a passionate love he had never known possible. 

Shane struggles to maintain control of The Case and his life, as he identifies a barrage of people and motives.  He must decide to continue alone, abandon the assignment, or jeopardize his deep cover and depend on other people, as the lines between right and wrong, and good and evil, become blurred.

Shane finally discovers he can’t begin to unravel these mysteries and solve The Case, until he finds the key that will unlock the past – The Beckett Cypher

The Beckett Cypher  Series- Book 2 – The Committee

The Becket Cypher Series – Book 2 – The Committee, tracks Shane Beckett’s continuing investigation begun in The Case. Shane’s perilous journey through the drug underworld, a cesspool, haunted by corrupt politicians, drug cartels, an ongoing criminal conspiracy and a shadow government, forces him and his team to make quick decisions that will alter their lives forever. Shane’s investigation takes him back to a cold case investigated by a team of investigators and reviewed for prosecution by his father…The Case that led to his father’s death. The only remaining case file documenting his father’s massive investigation is encrypted and protected by The Beckett Cypher, hidden by his father in a secret place only Shane may discover. Shane recovers The Beckett Cypher, and begins to expose mysteries from the past, including The Committee’s partial identity. As the cypher works through encrypted files, it also reveals The Committee’s plans for future crimes that threaten personal freedoms and the continuing existence of all governments of the free world. Shane and his team find they must seek help from the past and the present in order to secure the safety of the future. 

Amazon.com Review:  
I felt like I was right there with Beckett as he tries …
I ordered this book the first hour it was available and read straight through. Bring on Book 2! The story line and the characters are so intriguing they could only have been put together by someone with first hand experience as a detective and undercover agent with the DEA. I felt like I was right there with Beckett as he tries to put the pieces together. I like the author’s writing style and am looking forward to reading more!

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Meet Lee

Lee Cunningham’s father was killed when Lee, Jr.  was just 6 months old, while his Father was  driving from Nebraska to Idaho, to reunite with Lee Jr. and his mother.  Lee eventually came to be known as “Danny,” a nickname given him by his eight aunts.  Lee’s mother relocated them to California, seeking a better career opportunity, to improve their lives.  While a struggling, working, single mother, she met and married George Holub, when Lee was 9.  Lee’s step-father adopted him when he has 12.  Lee was proud of his new father, and had his name legally changed, to Daniel Lee Holub.

Dan attended the U.S.A.F.A., C.U. Boulder, and U.C.L.A., graduating with a degree in Zoology, minoring in English.  His daring mother often ventured in to the California deserts, to help him collect rattlesnakes, for college research projects.  His father taught him to fish, hunt, camp, and love the outdoors.  Dan’s parents taught him to respect and love his country and be thankful for life.  He also always loved to write.  His first success was an essay…

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